Now Shipping: ARCHIBUS® V.23 – The Picture of Technology-Forward Enterprise Information Modeling


Having a complete picture of your enterprise, its operations – and perhaps most importantly, the financial implications of related decisions -- takes a major step forward with the introduction of ARCHIBUS V.23.

This newest release of ARCHIBUS provides unique intelligence on your real estate, infrastructure and facilities through Enterprise Information Modeling (EIM). The ARCHIBUS integrated platform provides a common operating picture that unites portfolio intelligence with strategic planning and operational results.

Whether processing an individual request or accepting data on an entire portfolio, ARCHIBUS correlates all information it receives within an integrated model of your enterprise.


This model organizes all people, processes, places, assets and costs, then expresses their value to the overall strategic business mission. With V.23, ARCHIBUS delivers:

Strategic Financial Analysis:
This important new application delivers an integrated view of finance and operations and unifies all capital (CAPEX), operational expenses (OPEX), TCO and other financial information from all applications within the ARCHIBUS suite.


Web Central 3D Navigator:
The ARCHIBUS 3D Navigator integrates BIM data because, increasingly, organizations are looking to manage their buildings after the initial design/build/construction phase. Much of the design and construction profession uses BIM models as their own operating picture for coordinating complex design and construction projects. In V.23, ARCHIBUS adds the Web Central 3D Navigator, which allows organizations to incorporate these design building models and data within EIM for full lifecycle management, operations, and strategic planning for the entire portfolio.


A common operating picture:
With the Enterprise Information Model, ARCHIBUS can provide a common operating picture that shows both operational and strategic stakeholders the results of their actions and the impact of their choices.

High-efficiency collaboration:
ARCHIBUS also leverages EIM to provide high-efficiency collaboration. Within the EIM structure, data created for one application does its work over and over again in all the other applications. You never have to reenter data or replicate it as you would when integrating point solutions. And you don't have to email, chat or message tasks and transactions -- they are already delivered to the relevant stakeholder's queue.

Actionable intelligence:
• Actionable intelligence. Perhaps most importantly, ARCHIBUS provides insight and actionable intelligence that the traditional ERP suite cannot accomplish alone. ARCHIBUS provides this intelligence because the Enterprise Information Model records not just costs and assets but also their locations and the lines of business they support. By knowing these relationships, ARCHIBUS can provide intelligence on the true value of each spend for your business as a whole -- that is, not just what resources are being used, but why.

Team Space:
The release also includes Team Space that further enables flexible alternative workplace strategies (AWS) for more cost-efficient use of space by individuals and work teams.

Plus more new capabilities and improvements:
Business is rapidly changing, so effective and efficient use of its physical infrastructure is increasingly critical. With ARCHIBUS V.23, organizations can realize the full strategic value of real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets.

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