"IoT" for Space Utilization



The future of Space Management lies in the use of occupancy sensors to measure real-time space use.

The use of sensors is already compatible with ARCHIBUS and many clients have begun experimenting with sensors to track their space usage. Now, ARCHIBUS is taking bold new steps to lead the transition into sensor-based systems.


At Nexus 2016, ARCHIBUS ran a proof of concept experiment by installing occupancy sensors in session rooms. Having proved that sensors can be used to track real-time occupancy, ARCHIBUS is initiating a series of pilot projects.

To get involved in the pilot projects, contact us at info@absisconsulting.com

Why should you get involved?

AWS (Alternative Workplace Strategies) and Team Space provide opportunities to improve space usage and lower occupancy costs, while simultaneously increasing productivity by promoting team collaboration.

But measuring actual utilization becomes paramount in order to truly maximize space efficiency. This utilization data allows space planners to answer questions like “what is the right employee-to-seat ratio for team spaces” and “what size and number of meeting rooms do we need?” While self-reporting can provide valuable data, the most accurate and efficient tracking systems implement sensors.

By using occupancy sensors to measure and report real-time space occupancy, organizations can eliminate costly manual workstation use checks and identify opportunities to repurpose under-utilized space.