Preventive Maintenance, Spaces Management and Transfers: Leading software in Facilities Management or IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems)


Turner Argentina - Brasil is a subsidiary of Time Warner, producer and distributor of news, entertainment and animation programming on television and other platforms for millions of consumers around the world.

Since 2013, Turner Argentina is an ARCHIBUS® user under the On Demand model for the Spaces Management, Assets, Help Desk and Maintenance using the following applications:

• Inventory and Spaces Performance

• Staff and Occupation

• Help Desk

• Preventive Maintenance

• Asset portal


In this opportunity, Turner Brasil pursued to improve their Facilities Department Services for their internal users, through accurated registration and more efficient Preventive Maintenance, Spaces Management and Transfers.

Absis Consulting experience in ARCHIBUS® implementation plus the knowledge about the installation of Turner Argentina, generated a very successful result from all aspects, especially, from the point of view of User satisfaction, compliance with deadlines and associated budget.

The project team of Turner Brasil was trained, which managed to increase the participation of the Client in the ARCHIBUS® processes, improving the quality of configuration and thus achieving adequate autonomy and better training for the end users.

Whith this project the client obtained the following benefits from the ARCHIBUS® implementation, leading software for Facilities & Space Management:

• Planning, registration, allocation and spaces occupation

• Comprehensive planning, registration and accurated monitoring of preventive maintenance activities

• Statistics and indicators generation for Spaces management and Maintenance.

Next steps…

The following phases will be much shorter and with high impact, since improvements will be implemented (control and management reports, command boards, etc.) for the most operational processes. This will contribute to achieve an administration by exception, with more time to attend to exceptions and achieve more assertive planning.