Oracle Hospitality

Absis Consulting adds Oracle Hospitality, as a new business unit. Oracle Hospitality solutions are dedicated to helping clients in the Hospitality industry(Oracle Opera PMS) as well as restaurants and points of sale (Oracle Simphony – POS).

Absis Consulting provides its clients the following services:

        Installation and Implementation of Oracle Hospitality solutions

        Support and Telephonic assistance

        Development of new functionalities - Software Factory

        Integrations and Interfaces

        Custom reports



Oracle Hospitality offers a wide variety of software, hardware and related services, along with a portfolio of fast-growing cloud solutions, for customers in the hospitality industry to provide superior experience and service to their customers anywhere in the world.



Oracle Hospitality OPERA is a business platform that covers all the processes of the hotel industry. It offers the full next-generation capabilities that hotels need to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

The OPERA Cloud Service control panel shows the main tasks and can be customized to reflect the information that each hotel employee wants to see.

The current status of the rooms in an establishment is available at any time and place on the mobile device of a hotel employee.

The mobile application of Opera Cloud Service facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the rooms, since it shows the tasks that hotel employees are authorized to perform.

OPERA cloud services facilitate cross-selling and complementary services to customers and provide convenient access to all the information needed from them. They bring the search and recovery of the correct client profile to hotel employees.

Oracle Hospitality Simphony.

Oracle Hospitality Simphony is an innovative cloud management platform that provides management and point of sale (PDV) business functions for the different food and beverage operations. It offers interaction functions with customers, standard reports and advanced centralized management controls to increase operational efficiency. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service can manage several points of sale with thousands of workstations and, at the same time, has so much flexibility that, if necessary, it can also be adapted to the activity of a single establishment.

Get the maximum income by unifying different concepts in the same company: table service, fast food, take-away food or product sales.

Enjoy the broadest strategic perspective with a single real-time reporting platform on all brands and all concepts.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the business is not endangered because of the possible interruption of the Internet service.

Access financial results in real time from anywhere in the world.

Launch promotions and check their impact on financial results.

Compare the financial results of the establishments with the budget or the history or between them.

Run point-of-sale applications without problems at both fixed points of sale and mobile devices.

Apply brand standards, letters and personnel management worldwide, but facilitating localization when appropriate