Archibus for Management of posters Orders in Banco Santander Branches

Banco Santander is the leading private bank in the Argentine financial system in terms of savings and credit volume.

It has:

  • 464 branches in 22 provinces
  • +3.5 million Clients:
  • +290000 companies 
  • +1300 corporate clients
  • +8900 employees

It is also one of the leading banks in means of payment, foreign trade, transactional services and cash management. And also one of the main actors in the market, public securities and exchange markets.

Banco Santander acquired in 2017 the comprehensive Archibus solution for the management of Maintenance and Spaces in its Garay Corporate Building, and subsequently incorporated the branches and the rest of the central buildings.

During September 2021 the Absis Consulting team is incorporating a new service and a new internal client to the Archibus application, the Management of posters Orders in Offices, in charge of Marketing Management.

This implies adding to the platform the processes, work teams and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) corresponding to the orders of:

  • Regulations
  • Automatic banking traces
  • Branch posters
  • Rubbings of safes
  • Vandalized facades
  • Replacement of vinyls
  • Plots of visual barriers


We thank banco santander for choosing Absis Consulting.