Poly RealPresence Video is a management solution to generate communication initiatives, online training and education, overcoming the challenges of distance and different time zones.

Connect all the organization levels by enabling social networking for business:

  • Transmit Live Webcasts for up to 40,000 employees.
  • Capture presentations for live training or on demand, knowing who saw them.
  • Convert audio functions to text.
  • Capture B2B and B2C meetings.
  • Record a videoconference meeting for several participants and colleagues who could not attend
  • View live web broadcasts, upload video recorders and access to the entire library of videos of the organization



Serie RealPresence Capture

Poly RealPresence Capture is a comprehensive portfolio of tools for creating video content that will allow video recording and transmitting in any situation. Transform any room into a studio webcast.

  • RealPresence Capture Server: The Poly® RealPresence® Capture Server is a recording and streaming system that participates in standards-based video and telepresence calls. It converts the video and content in those calls into live streams (for live viewing on devices with compatible web browsers) as well as video-on-demand archives for playback on video conferencing systems and devices with compatible web browsers, including tablets, smart phones, PCs, and Mac desktops.
  • RealPresence Capture Station Pro: is an easy-to-use, room-based appliance that helps organizations record and stream presentations from any meeting room, classroom, or auditorium.
  • RealPresence Capture Station Portable Pro: is an easy-to-use appliance that helps organizations stream live presentations from anywhere with an internet connection, or create recordings for on-demand viewing.

RealPresence Media Manager

Poly RealPresence Media Manager is the only automated enterprise software that enables organizations to manage all their video resources at all stages of their life cycle, from capture, loading, organization and management to distribution and final expiration.

RealPresence Capture Station

Poly RealPresence Capture Station easily convert your conferences, trainings and presentations in live broadcasts or multimedia recordings.
Adopted by more than 150 of the Fortune 500, Poly RealPresence Capture Station can be controlled, powered and monitored centrally through Poly RealPresence Media Manager. This model ensures creating content securely wherever it are presented.
Capture Station also uses IP bandwidth to transmit profitable presentations to meeting rooms, classrooms and boardrooms.